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Parent-Child Retreats
Like to have fun together?

Enjoy having meaningful conversations?

Has it been a while since you laughed so hard that you cried?

Parent-Child Retreats are designed to bring families together through using humor, games, and structured conversations.

Participants repeatedly say:

"This was our best experience ever!"

"I wish we came 2-3 years ago."

"We can't wait to come back again. What fun!"

Come prepared to change your lives and create a larger space for greater joy and love in your liife.
We will have fun, but it's not just for fun. 
Parent-Child Retreat photo

Parent-Child Retreats help families create dialogue where there has been silence. We will create an action plan to make a better tomorrow instead of just repeating another yesterday. 
Life can always be better when we make decisions to experience more love. Be ready (and excited) for a difference!
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